Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests - September 20, 2020

  • Henson Lena and Family - His mother Mary Tiger passed away; services will be early in the week at Sand Creek Baptist in Wewoka
  • Darlene Henneha and Family mourning the passing of Deacon Chuck
  • Bob Withers - Nicole's grandfather, his rest home has a positive virus case
  • Ann Spencer - Has treatments this coming week; Bolo as he helps to care for her
  • Kyle Gipp - Beginning stages for bone marrow transplant; remember Jamie and their children
  • Jeremy Postoak - Knee surgery

Text Requests to: 405.250.2774

Please look under Community News for Arthur's In Memoriam page.

We know that many of you do not have Facebook so the post there is shared here, which includes information from Arthur's sisters.

We appreciate your prayers and support.