Indian Nations Leadership

Pastoral Leadership

Interim Pastor Rev. Randy Colbert

Assistant Pastor     Rev. Kyle Gipp


Chris Brown

Troy Yargee

Aaron Chewey

Sam Caruso

Finance Committee

Treasurer    Darlene Henneha

Assistant Treasurer Sam Caruso

Mary Jo Barnett

Ex Officio – Asst. Pastor, Kyle Gipp

Church Secretary    Traci Postoak

Worship Leaders

Gloria Henry

Stephanie Barnett

William Gaines


Education Minister/Adult Sunday School Leader    Dr. Jennifer Barnett

Men’s Bible Study Leader   Jeremy Postoak

Women’s Bible Study Leader/ Children's Teacher   Debbie Mitchell

Interim Youth Bible Study Leader   Jamie Gipp


Church Guidance Committee*

Kyle Gipp - Chris Brown - Darlene Henneha - Jennifer Barnett

Debbie Mitchell - Stephanie Barnett - Jeremy Postoak

*        This committee will serve to guide the regular functioning of the church.

*        Any larger decisions needing to be made will be presented to and voted upon by the church family members in a regular business meeting

*        Church members are encouraged to make suggestions and ask questions of committee members.